SEPVE organizes a Case Study Visit in Thessaloniki, Greece, supported by CERTH, in the framework of the 4th INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION project

The Information Technology Companies in Northern Greece (SEPVE) organizes a 2-day Case Study Visit to companies that utilize advanced technologies and promote innovation.

The Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH) supports SEPVE in organizing the 2-day Case Study Visit.

The 2-days Case Study Visit will be held on Thursday, July 27, 2023, and Friday, July 28, 2023, at the companies MC Chargers, I4ByDesign Competence Center and Smart Home. During the Case Study Visit, the participants will have the opportunity to visit the production facilities of these companies and to be informed about their organization and their characteristics and operating procedures. The primary goal of the Case Study Visit is the exchange of knowledge and experiences regarding innovative processes and new methods applied on behalf of the aforementioned companies in the areas of the design and production of services and products.

The Case Study Visits will be attended by executives and representatives of the other two Beneficiaries of the project, the Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH) and the Regional Chamber of Skilled Crafts Association, Haskovo, Bulgaria. Representatives of companies that are members of SEPVE can also take part in the 2-day Case Study Visit.

The first of the three companies, MC Chargers, with a global focus on protecting the environment and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, offers a comprehensive range of high-performance EV chargers and accessories for electric passenger cars and buses.

The second company, I4ByDesign Competence Center, with a clear focus on Industry 4.0 technologies, provides strategic and operational support to Greek manufacturing companies, aiming at the digital and technological transformation of their industrial processes. Through a wide range of methodologies, digital tools, and services, it reshapes their organizational, business, and strategic models while maintaining a high level of competitiveness. I4byDesign acts as an innovation cluster in the fields of Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0 and is comprised of 1 Research Center and 22 Greek companies, thereby connecting research to businesses.

The third company, Smart Home, is a rapid prototyping & novel technology demonstration infrastructure resembling a real domestic building where occupants can experience actual living scenarios while exploring various innovative smart IoT-based technologies with provided Energy, Health, Big Data, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services. As the first Smart near-Zero Energy Building in Greece, it combines enhanced construction materials and intelligent ICT solutions creating a future-proof, sustainable, and active testing, validating, and evaluating ecosystem.

The Case Study Visit, which will be held in English, is one of the actions implemented by SEPVE, as part of the “4th Industrial Revolution” project.

The 4th INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION project, which is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and by national funds of the countries participating in the Interreg V-A “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020” Cooperation Programme, constitutes an integrated set of activities which aims to improve the competitiveness of the SMEs Ecosystem in the eligible cross-border area of the Greece-Bulgaria Programme by:

  • Increasing the accessibility to new financial tools that will enable the SMEs within the cross-border area to expand their business activities
  • Creating procedures for exchanging of know-how that will enable SMEs and entrepreneurs to cope with future challenges
  • Creating a 4th INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION network within the cross-border area
  • Adapting of new tools, practices and methods that will enable SMEs to develop innovative and thus competitive products and/or services
  • Updating on major technological changes within the 4th INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION framework
  • Identifying human capital needs in terms of updated technological knowledge
  • Establishing of a “4th Industrial Revolution Forum”.

By fulfilling the above mentioned objectives, the project will strengthen the factors affecting entrepreneurial success and will stimulate in general business creation in the cross-border area of the Greece-Bulgaria Programme

The Agenda of the Case Study Visit is as follows:

  • Thursday, 27 July 2023
  • 15:00–17:00: Case Study Visit at MC Chargers, 4th km. Thessaloniki – Sindos (Gorgopotamou), PC 57400, Thessaloniki Industrial Area (Sindos)


Participation to the Case Study Visit requires registration through the following: